Wizard Rock People’s Choice Awards Nominations

Sun, Apr 19, 2009


Wizard Rock People’s Choice Awards Nominations

Nominations are officially open!

The awards will be a little bit different this year. Nominations will run from today until Thursday, April 30th, at 11:59 PM EST. There are 35 categories you can vote in. The 36th category is for the Lifetime Achievement Award, which will be a write-in category during the final round of voting.

These awards are based only on 2008 wizard rock happenings, except for the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Here’s how it works:
You will need a valid email address to be able to vote. After you submit your votes, you will receive an email at the address you provided. You MUST click on the link in this email in order for your vote to be counted.

For each category, you can make two nominations. You don’t have to fill both out if you don’t want to. Please try your best to spell things correctly (it makes our lives so much easier!).

The final voting will begin on Monday, May 4th, barring any unexpected complications. Voting will close on Friday, May 15th, and we will announce the winners on Thursday, May 20th, probably right around midnight EST.

If you have any questions regarding what came out in 2008, I’d recommend checking bands’ MySpaces or iTunes for more information. Feel free to post comments here, and we can try to answer your questions, too.

This post will stay at the top of the page during the nomination period, so don’t forget to scroll down for all the new ‘pedia content. The nominations are running for 12 days, so feel free to take your time! I’ve been testing the nomination sheet for the past few days, and I am still unable to decide on at least half the categories. Take the chance to rediscover music.

One last thing – there is no way that we would have been able to do this without the help of Art. After emailing us to ask if we were hosting the WRPCAs this year, Dinah and I recruited (coerced) him to create the form used for the nominations, the counting process, and the verification process. He deserves mucho thanks for all his help throughout the past few months.

Ok, ready?
Click here to start your nominations!

Update: People have been asking if Dinah and I are going to know who you voted for. The answer is no. It would take time and effort for us to find that out, and while it is interesting to see the votes in general, seeing who individuals voted for is not high on our priority list. (I might peek at Dinah’s, though!)

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30 Comments For This Post

  1. Jonathon Rosenthal Says:

    Just curious, how come there isn’t a category for best compilation / charity album?

  2. Sylvie Says:

    I already submitted nominations, but there was no way to nominate a lifetime achievement award… As in, there wasn’t a box to type a nomination in… =(

  3. Freya Says:

    @Jonathon: We simply never thought of that. Grrr…argh!

    @Sylvie: The Lifetime Achievement award is done during the final round of voting. You’re not supposed to be able to vote for it yet.

  4. Stine Says:

    I love the definition in the “Magical Creatures” category:
    “Bands fronted by full-blooded magical creatures are eligible. Werewolves, vampires, and beings naturally existing as plants, fungi, protists, or monera are not eligible for this category.”

    I’ll have to think really hard on some of these… There are so many great bands/songs/albums to choose from!

    Oh, and there’s one thing I’ve been wondering (ever since last year’s WRPCAs, actually): Would you count The Remus Lupins as a trio, duo or solo act? When they perform as a full band, they’re obviously three, but the MySpace page only cites two members, and Alex often plays alone too… Anyone?

  5. Zivlok Says:

    I’ve only just glanced at the form… and let me say… SO PRETTY!!! THE COLORS! SO PRETTY!!!! EXCELLENT job, Art!


  6. Martha Says:

    Wow, there are some really hard choices. Can’t I just nominate everyone? Lol.

  7. Zoë (Split Seven Ways etc) Says:

    I’ve tried twice now and it’s eaten my submissions both times – no confirmation email, nada :(

  8. Freya Says:

    @Stine: For the purposes of CD/song recordings for last year, The Remus Lupins is a trio.

    @Zoë: We’re looking into it. I’m sorry! :(
    Is anyone else having this problem?

  9. Zivlok Says:

    Mine got eaten the first time… I haven’t stopped being lazy enough to input it all again.

  10. Ellatrix (The Lost Diadems) Says:

    Mine also got eaten the first time, but I did it again and it was fine, I got the email.

  11. wonderworm Says:

    Mine have been eaten twice now also, I’ll try again later.

  12. Freya Says:

    We’re working on fixing the problem! It’s just a timing out issue (when you sit on the form page for too long).

  13. Freya Says:

    Ok, the nomination form won’t time out on you now. I apologize to anyone whose forms were erased.

    Your browser should have cached the entry (if you have that option turned on). This means if you start to type what you entered the first time, it will come up automagically as a selection. If you really can’t remember, you could type a-z until you see it (annoying, I know!).

  14. Stacy Says:

    I’m so confused about the “Non-Hogwarts” category. Please clarify.

  15. Freya Says:

    @Stacy: Any canon character that you never specifically heard about going to Hogwarts can count here. This includes magical creatures, werewolves, vampires, magical plants, anyone who attended Durmstrang or Beauxbatons, authors, singers, etc., etc.

  16. Zivlok Says:

    Here’s a tip for those inputting their choices again! At least on Firefox, if you just press the up arrow when in one of the submit fields, the last thing you entered in will pop up. So, you don’t have to try each letter, you can just press up!

  17. Martha Says:

    How many songs does a CD need to have in order to be a full length album instead of an EP? Would an album with 9 songs still be an EP? Also, for the Magical Creature category, does the band have to sing songs from the perspective of the magical creature or just be named after it? The Nifflers, for example, don’t sing songs from the perspective of nifflers, but they’re named after them. Oh, and does the giant squid count as a magical creature? Obviously it’s a creature, but we never hear about it doing any magic so it could just be an ordinary giant squid. Am I being too technical here? Probably.

  18. Marauder Says:

    “How many songs does a CD need to have in order to be a full length album instead of an EP? Would an album with 9 songs still be an EP?”

    Good question – is the distinction made by whatever the band calls it? Because I’ve definitely seen various albums (my own included) that were eight songs.

    Looking at the definition of an EP on Wikipedia, I think at this point we’re (wizard rock fans as a whole) really just arbitrarily making distinctions.

  19. Freya Says:

    My personal opinion would be that 9 tracks is generally an album, but then you have exceptions like The Giant Squidstravaganza’s EP. I would recommend trying to ask the band themselves.

    The Nifflers and the Giant Squid both count as magical creatures.

  20. Zivlok Says:

    I counted Death To Humans as an album. I mean, it had two discs. And like, 40 songs. That’s taking “extended” way too far! 😉

  21. WizardRockDA Says:

    I generally go by the total play time of a disc to decide whether it qualifies as an album or EP, rather than the number of tracks. That said, I’m not really sure what a reasonably qualifies as album-length vs EP length. I count “Death to Humans” as an EP mainly because it was released as part of the EP of the Month club, and what REALLY makes something an album or an EP is what its released as.

    But with no predetermined status as an album or EP, I’d say a disc has to have at LEAST 30 (maybe 45) minutes worth of material to be an album.

  22. slythphoenix116 Says:

    I’m having trouble getting the nominations to work. When I click on the “start here” link, am I supposed to type in the username and password that I just created? Because I did that, trying both the initial password sent to me and the unique one I subsequently changed it to, and neither works, or seems to work. I click “OK” and the same username/password entry fields just pop up again, not letting me get anywhere.

  23. Freya Says:

    @slythphoenix116: Sorry about that! Just a glitch. We’re working on it.

  24. slythphoenix116 Says:

    @Freya No problem =) Just wanted to make sure it wasn’t something I was doing wrong.

  25. Art Says:

    Sorry, Cody. I think it should be working again now.

  26. Whompy Says:


    EPs and LPs were terms invented for vinyl records. EP generally meant something longer than a single, and LP generally meant a full album. Nowadays there’s a ton of gray area surrounding the terms, and really, a musician can designate his or her album as anything he or she wants it to be. Obviously there’s intended humor in the release of a double-disc, 2.5 hour long album via the EP of the Month Club, but it’s still an EP because the artist said it’s an EP. :)

    Bobby: I would whole-heartedly disagree with the notion that an album needs to be a certain length to qualify as “full-length.” You’d be discounting millions of punk bands who release full-length albums that clock in at 15 to 20 minutes. :)

  27. Zivlok Says:

    Actually, I counted it as an album because the giant squid called it an album multiple times – to be precise, “my album (a double-disc set!)”. Also, there was probably some mention of toast thrown in there.

  28. WizardRockDA Says:

    Matt: Well like you said, if the band calls a CD an Album or an EP, then it is what they call it, since there is no physical difference in size as there was with vinyl records. These days the difference is more in the price of the CD, which is often partially related to the legnth. But I meant it as a general rule of thumb for cases where the band doesn’t specify whether a given release is and album or an EP, so of course there can be exceptions if the band calls it one or the other.

    Perhaps I should retract the emphasis on “AT LEAST” and I definitely retract the “(perhaps even 45)” as I have no idea where I got 45 minutes from–far too many albums run well under 45.

    And I came up with 30 minutes as about where the line is drawn between an album and an EP by plugging random albums and EPs into blank play lists on iTunes to see how long they ran. 😛

  29. TheFiend Says:

    Damn i missed this one, DAMN YOU WORK!!!. Anyway there is always next year, keep up the good work.

  30. Freya Says:

    @TheFiend: These were just the nominations! You can vote in the finals.

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