MISTI-Con: May 9-13!

Tue, Apr 30, 2013

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Put on your robes, witches and wizards! Registration is closing soon for MISTI-Con 2013!

MISTI-Con is a joint effort between The Group That Shall Not Be Named (HP-NYC), Ray “The Dark Lord Bartender” Smith (how sweet of a nickname is that?), and The Margate Hotel in Laconia, NH. MISTI-Con itself stands for “Ministry Interdepartmental Service Training Institute,” and this helps represent their “in-character” theme for the weekend. Essentially, the Ministry is holding the convention as a training grounds for new employees after the Second Wizarding War. Much of the programming reinforces this theme, and includes additional elements to make the con-goers feel like an active part of the storyline.

The intimate event is limited to 500 attendees, in order to ensure that each fan feels like an integral part of the convention. MISTI-Con was also supported by a Kickstarter campaign, which, at the end of its run, was over 300% funded! That’s fandom power for you.

The Margate was the host for Aeternitas 2011, which meant they were already somewhat familiar with wizarding events. Logistics chair Jon Rosenthal approached some members of HP-MA, who co-sponsored Aeternitas, and asked if he could approach the Margate to host MISTI-Con, and was glad to receive their blessing. The Margate is situated on the shores Lake Winnipesaukee, which I’m sure you can imagine as the Black Lake. Just keep an eye out for the Giant Squid.

Programming at MISTI-Con runs the (Wizen)gamut: with everything from cosplay workshops to literary readings to live podcasting to HP Family Feud, there is something for every fan in attendance. Cassandra Johnstone, Co-Head Organizer and Programming Coordinator, says that the presenters they chose “are all particularly original in their ideas and are very enthusiastic individuals. We chose programs that would interest all different types of attendees; from athletic workshops to academic discussions about Hogwarts sorting, there will be something for any sort of fan at MISTI.”

Last but not least, OF COURSE there’s a wizard rock event! Wrock in the Wizengamot will be held on Friday May 10 and will feature such talents as Swish & Flick, Bella and Le Strangers, Hawthorn & Holly, The Blibbering Humdingers, and Diagon Alley. Jon Rosenthal says that they like to focus on “bands that have incredible talent but might not get as much exposure.” I think we can all agree that the bands featured all fall into the category of “incredible talent.” Jon also says that they wanted to “invite bands that didn’t have a chance to play Aeternitas. While there are some overlaps, bands like The Blibbering Humdingers, Hawthorn & Holly and Diagon Alley are playing at The Margate for the first time.”

Also, Matt (The Whomping Willows) and Lauren Fairweather are putting on a special after-hours show! You can see the facebook event here, and you can even challenge them with a special cover request!

You can check out more information about MISTI-Con on their FAQ page (which is extensive and awesome!), or their guide in the Guidebook app!

Full registration package sales close TONIGHT, so if you’re within reasonable travel distance, get yourself to this awesome con!

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  1. Lauren Fairweather Says:

    Matt (The Whomping Willows) and I will be playing too, just not at the mainstage wizard rock concert. We have an after-hours concert at midnight Saturday night in the common room, I believe.

  2. Matt Says:

    Excited for MISTI-Con! Little known fact: There are actually TWO wizard rock shows at MISTI-Con. Lauren and I will be performing on Saturday night around midnight, as part of an event called After Hours With Lauren and Matt. It’s taking place in the common room and it’s bound to be a good time. We’re actually taking requests for cover songs on the event’s facebook page, in case anyone’s interested in challenging us with something ridiculous! Hope to see you guys there:

  3. Laura! Says:

    That sounds awesome, guys! I’ll edit the article with the link to your facebook event! I hope somebody challenges you to cover something absolutely insane. FREEBIRD.

  4. Matt Says:

    Thanks Laura! You’re the best! 😀

  5. Jennifer Says:

    Hi Matt, Lauren, and Laura! I feel like a complete bonehead. I was responsible for sending the response back to Laura and in the midst of writing four other content pieces I didn’t double check that answer for missing info. Mea culpa, honestly. Thank you Laura for the quick edit and TERRIBLY sorry Matt & Lauren.

  6. Stacy Says:

    FYI There is also wizard rock at the opening gala on Thursday. Lily and James will be performing.

  7. Clare Says:

    Ahhh I wish I could go – that’s a pretty excellent line-up! Especially Swish and Flick, I’ve never seen them live :/

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