Wizard Rock Compilation “Back to the Burrow” Is Now Available Online!

Fri, Dec 27, 2013

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“Back to the Burrow”, one of the original wizard rock charity compilation albums, has now been re-released in an all-digital format. This new deluxe edition contains a number of songs that were not on the original release, bringing the total number of songs to 25, and can be downloaded for $5 at the album’s Bandcamp page.

The compilation itself is made up of songs from two long out of print compilations,”An Enchanted Christmas” and “One More Peaceful Day.” Many of the songs on the release are Christmas themed, which ties into it’s release at this time of year. Long time wrock fans may recognize some of these songs, as they were later released by the bands, however there are still a number of gems to be found here.

All proceeds from the sale of the album will go to the Harry Potter Alliance. For a full track listing, just click below for more info.

1. The Mudbloods – ***Melted Ice Cream, Ultra Violet Radiation, and Other Things I Hate About Summer (2007)

2. Hollow Godric – Glimmers

3. Ministry of Magic – ***Snape Vs. Snape

4. Lily & James – Hagrid is my Name

5. The Remus Lupins – Rock the Hogwarts Ground

6. Gred and Forge – Ginny Gets Around

7. Severely Snaped – Summer of Love

8. The Dumbledore’s Army Band – ***The Going Back to Privet Drive Blues

9. Roonil Wazlib – Shell Cottage

10. Bella’s Love – And When I took Divinity You Stole My Heart

11. Marked as His Equal – Run Free

12. Romilda Vane & The Chocolate Cauldrons – ***Believe (2006)

13. The Weasel King – ***Follow the Red Sparks

14. Oliver Boyd & the Remembralls – ***One Last Summer

15. The Giant Squidstravaganza – Giant Christmas Intro-stravaganza

16. The Parselmouths – ***Anything We Want

17. The Moaning Myrtles – Christmas Poo

18. Ginny & the Heartbreakers – ***Christmas at the Burrow

19. Sue and the Hufflepuffs – A Very Frosty Memoire

20. Snidget – Christmas in the Great Hall

21. The Remus Lupins – Christmas at Spinners End

22. The Hermione Crookshanks Experience – ***Dismal Christmas

23. The Bandon Banshees – Christmas Rock Cake

24. Hollow Godric – Hobo Holidays

25. The Giant Squidstravaganza – Christmas Party

All songs with *** were previously unavailable to download on this compilation

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